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  • eGrad is not an RTO (Registered Training Organisation). eGrad is education support services provider or facilitator.


  • All certificates/qualifications are nationally recognised and issued by our RTO partners. Who has full control and are responsible for gathering documents, evidence, gap training, record keeping as well as the final outcome of each qualification applied for.


  • eGrad puts its best effort to keep VET course code, RTO code and other course information up to date in it’s website, social media pages, marketing materials and other publications. However, if any information is outdated or course code is obsolete, or superseded eGrad’s RTO partner would always assess client's/applicant’s file under most update training package that is valid on the time of assessment. eGrad would make the client aware of the most update course/training package/course code/RTO code during  final file assessment.

  • eGrad  does not guarantee successful employment outcome, licensing outcome, immigration, visa, migration, legal case related outcome based on the qualification. Clients are advised to do their own research and due diligence how this qualification will add value to them.

  • Clients may need to do full training, gap training, work placements, vocational placements, online or face to face classes, practical classes, capstone tests, assignments, other tests as per course mapping provided by our RTO partners and their trainer/assessors.  

  • eGrad reserves the right to refuse services to clients where eGrad thinks the client does not meet eligibility, currency, entry requirements to gain the qualifications.

  • After the issuance of the qualification all inquiries regarding the qualification, reissuance of certificate or transcripts or any other matters related to qualification or RTO should be made to the education provider/RTO directly.

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